We are much more than a software solution. We are a partner in your success!

Our Promise to You

We are a community supported group of financial consultant experts in the field of banking, deriving our strength from local lenders! We want your institution, whether a Community Bank, Credit Union, or other lender, to maintain an edge over the competition. Our lending platform was built from the ground up with community lenders to provide a flexible platform that will empower your institution to meet its community’s credit needs, while considering the bottom line. Our product is not one-dimensional because your customers will not be. Our platform allows lenders of all sizes to customize lending, to allow each and every customer to differentiate themselves from the market and even other lenders on our platform. We promise to continue to work each and every day to improve our product, software, and spread of solutions to keep an edge over the competition.

Product Statement

We developed an innovative loan decision and pricing module to compete with high-end and/or higher-cost legacy systems. Our product stands apart in cost, adaptability, and usability, with added ability to run online with your own web portal. Our system will hedge Fair Lending risk by consistently approving loans with our wide range of product settings and features. Pick the software solution built by professionals in the industry, with community lenders, and made for institutions that demand more than in the box lending. 

Our team of consultants built in multiple controls, tips, and processes to address regulatory concerns. These experts have been working in banking for more than 20 years with thousands of hours of audit, compliance, and IT experience. We built a solution to help your institution succeed, while staying up to date with the ever-changing regulatory environment.


As we all learned from the COVID-19 outbreak how improtant it is to have systems with cloud capability to work from home. Our system was ready and able to allow staff to work remotely!