Secure Online Platform

Promote up time and reduce IT costs. There is no local installation required. Your lenders will have the freedom to access and manage the software from anywhere!

Fair Lending Made Easy

Our system provides a series of system controls to create credit policy, pricing and underwriting, and consistently enforce rules resulting in reduced to eliminated Fair Lending risk. Our system cannot make a decision based on prohibited information and any override will be clearly flagged, approved, and tracked to provide instant oversight.

Go Beyond Credit Score

Your customer is more than a score and your lending should be too! Our system allows thousands of combinations per product to consider multi factor credit requirements, tiered factors, and matrix decision processes all within a single product. You can use a score in your pricing or exclude it all together.

Save Money

With your consumer loan portfolio and profitability in mind, we created an alternative to legacy systems or big providers. We will match or beat any similar system (if you can find one that offers what we do). Our license tiers, unlike other provides, allow you full access to our platform without restricting any features or benefits because of your size. We further promise a wide variety of enhancements to Credalzyer, as we improve the product your version will be updated.

Faster Decisions

Take the universal Banker approach! Our system allows even inexperienced staff to generate consumer loans like pros, with real time oversight. You can run a loan from application to approval within minutes, whether in person or over the phone. Complete your file at the branch or on the go with any mobile device.

Pipeline Management

View, manage, and approve loans online. Our system includes an internal notification system to streamline an entire loan process. Notify a manager for an over limit approval, send notification that a file is ready for document preparation and manage loans queued to prevent compliance issues.

Navigate the Lending Enviroment

Complete loans from application to credit decision without the need for manual calculations, worksheets, or additional paper waste. We have included helpful tool tips and features to assist with compliance for each step of the process.

Pipeline Management

View, manage, and approve your loans online. Our system includes an internal notification system to streamline the entire loan process.

Go Green with Docu-Sign

Eliminate the need for printing documents by adding DocuSign. Our built-in process will allow you to complete an E-signature agreement, capture electronic signatures instantly on customers' phones or company devices, and keep things green! We offer a free alternative method to capture E-Sign if DocuSign is not right for you.

Product Detail Sheet 8/10/2016